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We empower small and medium-sized businesses to increase their marketing effectiveness with a proven framework for scaling ‘in-real-life’ customer relationships using digital marketing. We deliver strategy planning sessions to identify exactly what will work for your business. That includes an actionable tactical plan to develop relationship at scale from discovery to purchase to advocate. Businesses will be able put that plan to work themselves; if needed, we can help with coaching and/or targeted training, or we can lead the effort to put the marketing in place. Our goal is to help small and medium-sized businesses reliably double their revenues. 

Ideal customer:

Small to medium-sized B2B businesses with growth but not taking full advantage of the current high-growth economy. Currently have marketing staff: 1-20 people. Have a desire to be more effective in raising the rate of revenue growth and profitability. And would like to take advantage of the latest digital technology and expertise for customized application with a focus on their business and what reliably produces results in their market.

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