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Making SEO less annoying for in-house marketing teams of DTC brands

We’re Break the Web, the search marketing experts who demystify organic growth so you can focus on what to do with your new followers, leads, clients & shoppers. Because let’s be clear — you will get more attention. With over 10 years in the search marketing game, we’ve systematically developed the internal strategies that cut through the noise, so you get noticed. It’s all about magnifying your impact, magnetizing new leads, and getting more eyes on what matters most — your business. If you know you need SEO, content, or paid advertising to step up to the next level (but aren’t sure how to go about it), we’re the aces up your sleeves who get you seen. After all, when you inevitably pull to the front of the pack, we’ll be excitedly watching with popcorn. (Go ahead & let ‘em wonder how you made it happen.)

Ideal customer:

In-house marketing teams of B2C/DTC brands looking to take the ambiguity out of SEO and make it more accessible, measurable, & meaningful.

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