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We believe the two options of doing all your marketing yourself or giving it all to an agency are ineffective and risky. Bluematter is the third and better choice. How does it work? Rather than relying entirely on an agency, or trying to do it in-house with your existing skills and team, we enable you to be independent and lead your own efforts, while leaning on us to do the parts you can’t. Marketing training, support, staffing, and vendor marketplace — all on one platform. Bluematter solves your four key marketing problems so you can grow as much as you choose.

Ideal customer:

Mid-Market B2B clients that specialize in people and professional services. i.e.HR Outsourcing, Accounting, Financial Services, Insurance, Benefits Administration, etc. Ideal Client Size is 5-500 million in revenue, 25-200 in staff, low success at sales enablement marketing, 1:5 marketer to sales pro ratio or worse.
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