ProfitWell KPI Dashboard Software

Track and analyze all your SaaS/Subscription financial KPIs, alongside the rest of your advertising, marketing, product  and sales metrics.

Profitwell hooks up to subscription payment services like Stripe, Zuora, Chargebee, Braintree and Recurly and automagically calculates all the financial SaaS KPIs you need to track: Net/New/Churn/Upgrade/Downgrade/Reactivation MRR, Customer Count, Churn rate and much,  much more.

With Databox, track your most important SaaS KPIs alongside metrics from our 70+ other intgreations, SQL Databases and Google Sheets  on any device: computer, mobile, Apple Watch, TV display and Slack. By building reporting dashboards with data from the  tools you use   to run  your business and manage your business, you can more easily monitor and improve your subscription business.

Get started in minutes by connecting your Profitwell Account and using one of our templates below, or add any of the metrics below to an existing or new dashboard of your own design.

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Start visualizing your performance in minutes

Connect your data and start visualizing your performance in minutes

Recommended ProfitWell KPIs

Cumulative Net New MRR (daily)
MRR Overview
Customer Overview
Growth Overview
Unit Economics
Churn Overview
Active Customers (Monthly)
Active Customers (daily)
Recurring Revenue - MRR (Monthly)
Upgraded Customers (Daily)
Reactivated Customers (Daily)
Downgraded Customers (Daily)
New Customers (Daily)
Churned Customers (Daily)
Active Customers by Plan ID (Monthly)
Average Revenue Per User by Plan ID (Monthly)
Active Trialing Customers (Monthly)
Average Revenue Per User (Monthly)
Churned Customers (Monthly)
Churned Customers Voluntary (Monthly)
Churned Customers Delinquent (Monthly)
Churned Recurring Revenue (Monthly)
Churned Recurring Revenue Voluntary (Monthly)
Churned Recurring Revenue Delinquent (Monthly)
Churned Trialing Customers (Monthly)
Converted Recurring Revenue (Monthly)
Converted Customers (Monthly)
Customers Conversion Rate (Monthly)
Customers Retention Rate (Monthly)
Downgrade Rate (Monthly)
Reactivated Recurring Revenue (Monthly)
Revenue Churn Rate (Monthly)
Upgrade Rate (Monthly)
Revenue Churn Delinquent Rate (Monthly)
New Trialing Customers (Monthly)
New Recurring Revenue (Monthly)
Existing Trialing Customers (Monthly)
Upgraded Customers (Monthly)
Trial Conversion Time (Monthly)
Lifetime Value (Monthly)
Existing Recurring Revenue (Monthly)
New Customers (Monthly)
Upgraded Recurring Revenue (Monthly)
Growth Rate (Monthly)
Reactivated Customers (Monthly)
Customers Churn Delinquent Rate (Monthly)
Churned Recurring Revenue (Daily)
Revenue Churn Voluntary Rate (Monthly)
Saas Quick Ratio (Monthly)
Downgraded Recurring Revenue (Monthly)
New Recurring Revenue (daily)
Upgraded Recurring Revenue (Daily)
Revenue Retention Rate (Monthly)
Downgraded Customers (Monthly)
Downgraded Recurring Revenue (daily)
Existing Customers (Monthly)
Future Churn MRR (Daily)
Cumulative New Trialing Customers (Daily)
Recurring Revenue - MRR (Daily)
Churned Customers by Plan ID (Monthly)
Churned Recurring Revenue by Plan ID (Monthly)
Churned Recurring Revenue Delinquent by Plan ID
Cumulative Net New MRR by Plan ID (Monthly)
Cumulative New Trailing Customers by Plan ID
Existing Customers by Plan ID (Monthly)
Existing Recurring Revenue by Plan ID (Monthly)
Future Churn MRR by Plan ID (Monthly)
Growth Rate by Plan ID (Monthly)
Lifetime Value by Plan ID (Monthly)
New Customers by Plan ID (Monthly)
New Recurring Revenue by Plan ID (Monthly)
Plan Change Rate by Plan ID (Monthly)
Plan Change Recurring Revenue by Plan ID (Monthly)
Reactivated Customers by Plan ID (Monthly)
Reactivated Recurring Revenue by Plan ID (Monthly)
Recurring Revenue by Plan ID (Monthly)
Revenue Churn Delinquent Rate by Plan ID (Monthly)
Revenue Churn Rate by Plan ID (Monthly)
Revenue Retention Rate by Plan ID (Monthly)
Saas Quick Ratio by Plan ID (Monthly)
Trial Conversion Time by Plan ID (Monthly)
Churned Customers %
Downgraded Customers %
Upgraded Customers %
New Customers %
Converted / Churned Trialing Customers Ratio
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