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Yello Veedub was created in order to account for the need for niche service that covered content creation, traffic and conversion for online marketing. We specialise in working in the dental sector to use online marketing to attract and convert new leads and customers, as well as to increase the lifetime value of existing customers. Our portfolio of products and services cover all aspects of Inbound Marketing, from strategy, content creation, social media, marketing automation, website redesign, PPC, traffic and conversion for dental online marketing.

Ideal customer:

We specialize in two industries, Dental Industry B2B & B2C clients (Dental Suppliers, Dental Service Providers, Dentists), and Ecommerce. Our ideal B2B client makes over £3m in revenue, website rank under 3mm, and has a marketing department of 1-4 people. A good fit for a B2C client makes over £1m in revenue, website rank under 3mm, and has a marketing department of 1 person. For Ecommerce, our ideal customer has a high AOV (above £40 per order), over £3m in revenue, and a website rank under 2mm.

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With this databoard, you can get a live overview of your Facebook Advertising campaigns. Track purchases and leads while getting a clean overview of generic metric across the entire account.
Facebook Ads
This databoard shows you the KPI's needed to accurately understand the cost of a website click campaign. Use it to make sure money spent is turning into money earned through your FB Ad campaigns.
Facebook Ads
Measure lead generation and cost per lead across multiple conversion pixels in this databoard.
Facebook Ads
Use this databoard to get an activity snapshot of new users from your organic channel. These metrics will help diagnose which assets are working well, and where you need to focus more attention.
Google Analytics
This dashboard shows the traffic quality per channel in order to help identify which channels are performing at the desired level, and which need to be focused on and improved.
Google Analytics
This databoard helps you measure your Facebook Ad campaigns in terms of purchases & the resulting revenue impacts. You're also able to review the conversion path for your campaigns.
Facebook Ads