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Making You the Big Fish in Your Pond

Greenfish Marketing is a digital engagement agency. We specializing in creating and strengthening the relationship with current and new client using digital & Email Marketing. We may be young, but we’re making waves with a small but growing client base by challenging the way that people are engaging with clients. Our process takes the strengths of each client and matches that with our communication skills to build a strategy that successfully makes clients the big fish in their own pond.

Ideal customer:

A business, looking to expand their existing client base and who is willing to try new techniques and processes. Having established a business with a good client base that can be contacted via telephone, email or social media and looking at taking their business to the next level. Willing to focus on their strengthens and under go a strategy workshop to build the business. Also understanding the need to look at their KPI’s, goals and targets, knowing the numbers are what drives a business forward.

Experts in:

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