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Ad Axem is a digital product design and development agency that helps companies decide what to build using design sprints, produces the information architecture and UI, plans and executes development sprints, and assists with insourcing following delivery.

Ideal customer:

The ideal customer creates profit and value for themselves in a way that doesn’t create victims through actions, words, practices or policies. – Is a data-fiduciary Any data the ideal customer collects is explained and disclosed in simple terms, then only collected when needed, and held in the highest regard in terms of safe-keeping. – Practices H2H Companies themselves aren’t people, therefore the ideal customer can’t be humane. But the people running that company can be, and they should treat their audiences with respect, human to human. – Remembers that everything is connected People, planet, profits. “Triple-bottom-line” is the only ideal customer ledger that makes sense long-term, since nothing else is ultimately sustainable. – Moves slow and doesn’t break things Every decision has a repercussion, so the ideal customer moves at a pace that carefully considers the consequences of actions and decisions made. – Learns, empathises, adapts People, including those running a company, are imperfect and have unconscious biases. So when they do something wrong (which will happen), the ideal customer learns from it, understands it, and adapts for the future. – Recognises that Euros (or Dollars, or Pounds) are votes Companies don’t exist in a vacuum. Who the ideal customer partners with, buy from, works with and advertises with is a showing of support. – Is grateful/optimistic The ideal customer assumes that problems are solvable. This leads to change through action by problem-solving what isn’t right and working towards making it right. – Is of service Business is about service, providing value for the service someone pays for. The ideal customer service isn’t extractive or exploitative of their own employees or partners.

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