Build Data-Driven Teams With The Best PowerMetrics Alternative

We know what it takes to build a data-driven team. It’s not just about having data; it’s also about making it accessible to everyone in your organization. From shared dashboard links to robust notifications, Databox makes it easy for you and your team to collaborate on key metrics and align your efforts towards common goals. So, why wait? Choose Databox, the best PowerMetrics alternative.

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3 Reasons to Choose Databox as Your PowerMetrics Alternative

Seamless Collaboration and Sharing

Don’t just rely on shareable dashboard links. With Databox, you have access to a range of features like Scheduled Snapshots, Scorecards and Metric Digest that make it easy to share dashboards and metrics with your team – when and where it matters most.  

Automated Insights and Reports

Why waste valuable time on manual reporting? Using Report Automation, you can schedule your reports to be delivered to all your team members, even those who don’t have access to Databox. Plus, with Data Stories, you can enhance your reports by including analysis that automatically updates with each report delivery.

AI-Powered Features Designed to Help You Grow

Don’t rely on gut feeling. With Databox AI-powered tools, you’ll be able to anticipate future trends, set realistic goals, and measure your team’s progress in real-time. Say goodbye to guesswork and confidently predict your performance with data-backed insights. 

Databox vs Klipfolio PowerMetrics at a Glance

Find the perfect reporting solution for your team by comparing Databox and Klipfolio PowerMetrics’ top 6 features. 


Easy to create, customize, and share dashboards

Building dashboards in Databox is easy. You can choose to use any of our 140+ templates or build a custom dashboard from scratch. Once you’re in the dashboard designer, you can easily add your logo, update the background and chart colors, adjust the metric layout and so much more.

Easy to build dashboards but not visually adaptive

Creating a dashboard in PowerMetrics is pretty straightforward. When it comes to the customization options, free users are allowed to add logos to their dashboards, while paying users are able to update the background and chart colors. With less than 30 dashboard templates in-app, users have a limited selection of pre-designed dashboards to pick from.


4,000 pre-defined metrics and easy-to-use Metric Tools

Databox offers an extensive library of 4,000+  plug-and-play metrics. Using Databox’s Metric Tools, you’ll also be able to create new custom metrics and calculated metrics to enhance your reporting. The best part is, you don’t need to be a tech-wizz to get the insights you need.

Only 410 pre-defined metrics

In PowerMetrics, users have access to around 410 pre-defined metrics.Users have the option to create new custom and calculated metrics. But, custom metrics are a bit more complicated to create, making the process semi-technical.


70+ native integrations and more options to cover all your reporting needs

Connect your data to Databox using any of our 70+ one-click integrations. Go beyond what’s natively available by connecting SQL Databases, Custom API integrations, and spreadsheets. Or push data into Databox using the Rest API.

Includes native integrations and other options

Users can connect their data to PowerMetrics using native integrations, SQL databases, RESTful web service, file upload, FTP file retrieval, and emailing file.

Goals and notifications

Goals, Alerts, Scorecards, and more

Use Goals, Scorecards, custom Alerts, and Metric Digest to keep your metrics under control. With Goals and Alerts, you’ll be able to set targets, track your progress over time, and receive tailored notifications to stay informed on your performance. By creating Scorecards, you can receive performance updates of your top metrics via email, push notification, or Slack. Lastly, with Metric Digest you’ll get detailed updates for your most important Metrics directly via email – every week.

Simplified goals and notifications

In Klipfolio users can set goals and create simple notifications on their goals. There are no advanced features like Scorecards or Metric Digest.


Create Reports and automate your processes

Creating Reports is easy. You can choose to either use a Report template or create one from scratch. The Reports editor offers a variety of different slide types including text, ready-made dashboards, and data stories, that you can use to create engaging presentations.Using Report Automation, you can then schedule your Reports to automatically export your data daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly – without sacrificing quality!

No similar Reports feature

PowerMetrics does not offer a similar feature to Databox Reports. While users can share dashboards as PDFs, there is no way to create dynamic multi-page Reports that incorporate images, text, and dashboards, in a presentation-style layout. Without a way to automate Reports in PowerMetrics, users need manage their reporting tasks outside of the platform.

AI Features

Predict the future with Metric forecasts

Predict future performance and create more realistic goals and strategies with Forecasts. But that’s not all! We’re constantly innovating and releasing more advanced features like Generative AI, Anomaly Detection, Advanced Benchmarks, and Metric Correlations.

No AI features available

PowerMetrics does not offer any AI features.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For it

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What Makes Databox so Great?

Okay, we’ll be honest with you – we might be a little biased. So, we’ll let our awesome customers do the talking! Check out what they have to say about why Databox is their go-to choice.

4.8 out of 5 stars

“We like the style of Databox. It doesn’t look dated and has been very impressive to our clients. We also love the variety of data connections and ease of set-up.”

“We’re able to pull data from multiple sources into a single-page dashboard for our clients and our own business. Something we can’t always do in other software packages (such as Marketing and CRM), so we rely on Databox to give us all the metrics we need in a single view.”

Erik W. R, Online Marketing Executive at Digital go

Make the Right Choice

While both Databox and Klipfolio PowerMetrics are great business analytics platforms, it’s important to remember that every team has its own set of needs.

Databox is the perfect solution for your team if…

  • You’re looking for a user-friendly yet powerful solution that is easy to adopt and deploy.
  • You want to effortlessly create interactive dashboards and automated reports.
  • You’re looking to improve collaboration and transparency within your team.
  • You want to proactively monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) with goal and a built-in notifications system.
  • You want to forecast your success and gain insights into future outcomes.

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