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Track and analyze the impact your Linkedin Ads have on your business, alongside the rest of your  advertising, marketing  and sales metrics.

Linkedin Ads allows companies to target performance-based ads to their ideal customers (by job title, function, industry, and more) on the world’s largest professional network of 600M+ people. Drive brand awareness, leads or even event registrations with their self-service ad system.

With Databox, track your most important LinkedIn Ads metrics alongside metrics from other advertising systems and marketing software on any device: computer, mobile, Apple Watch, TV display and Slack. By building reporting dashboards with data from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and Linkedin Ads, as well as your preferred website analytics and marketing tools, you can more easily monitor and maximize your return on ad spend.

Get started in minutes by connecting your Linkedin Ads Account and using one of our templates below, or add any of the metrics below to an existing or new dashboard of your own design.

Custom reports available with the use of Databox Query Builder.

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Recommended LinkedIn Ads KPIs

Performance Overview
Average CPC
Average CTR
Average CTR by Campaign
Impressions by Campaign
Clicks by Ad
Impressions by Ad
Clicks by Campaign
Social Actions
Spent By Campaign
Leads By Campaign
Social Actions by Campaign
Engagement by Campaign
Average CPC by Campaign
Conversions by Campaign
Campaign Performance
Ads Performance
Average CTR by Ad
Average CPM by Ad
Average Engagement
Average CPM
Conversions by Ad
Average Engagement by Ad
Average CPC by Ad
Leads By Ad
Spent by Ad
Engagement by Ad
Social Actions By Ad
Cost Per Action by Ad
Cost Per Action by Campaign
Average Engagement by Campaign
Average CPM by Ad
Impressions by Campaign Groups
Clicks by Campaign Groups
Conversions by Campaign Groups
Leads by Campaign Groups
Engagement by Campaign Groups
Social Actions by Campaign Groups
Spent by Campaign Groups
Avg. CTR by Campaign Groups
Avg. Engagement by Campaign Groups
Avg. CPC by Campaign Groups
Avg. CPM by Campaign Groups
Bid by Campaign
Bid by Campaign Group
Daily Budget
Daily Budget by Campaign
Daily Budget by Campaign Group
Post View Conversions
Post Click Conversions
Post View Conversions by Campaign
Post Click Conversions by Campaign
Video Views by Campaign
Video Completions by Campaign
Video Starts by Campaign
Video Views @50% by Campaign
Video Views @25% by Campaign
Video Views @75% by Campaign
Shares by Campaign
Likes by Campaign
Comments by Campaign
Viral Likes by Campaign
Viral Impressions by Campaign
Cost per Conversion by Ad
Cost per Conversion by Campaign
Cost per Conversion
Avg. CPC by Ads
Avg. CPC by Campaign
Avg. CPC
Avg. Cost per Lead
Avg. Conversion per Lead by Campaign
Avg. Conversion per Lead by Ads
Additional Custom metrics are available with the use of Databox Query Builder.
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