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Facebook Ads lets you create targeted adverts to reach different audiences and meet your business goals.

With Databox, your most important Facebook Ads KPIs will be transformed into meaningful insights and delivered to your mobile, Apple Watch, TV display or Slack channels. This will help you find out what’s working well, so you can maximize the impact of every post and ad.

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Available KPIs: Impressions (by Ad sets, Gender, Country), Social impressions, Clicks (by Ad sets, Gender, Country), Social clicks, CTR (by Ad sets, Gender, Country), Social CTR, Actions (by Ad sets, Gender, Country, Type), Action rate (by Ad sets, Gender, Country), People taking action, Cost per result, Cost per action, Cost per click, Conversions, Cost per conversion (by Ad sets, Gender, Country), CPM (by Ad sets, Gender, Country), Reach, Amount spent (Total cost), Frequency (by Ad sets, Gender, Country), Unique impressions, Unique clicks, Unique CTR.

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FbAds metrics and KPI visualization in Databox native mobile app

All your KPIs on Mobile

  • Start your day with a Scorecard. Delivered right to your phone, your daily scorecard ensures you start the day in the know.
  • Be the first to know. Get a heads up when something important changes suddenly or when trends are emerging.
FbAds metrics and KPI visualization on Databox big screen dashboard

Focus on metrics that matter

  • In sight. Display your key data in your office, on a wall, or in a meeting room.
  • Rally your team. Get everyone focused on the metrics that matter.

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