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Mid-sized Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses under $10M Annual Revenue

Benchmarks for Pageviews, Avg. Session Duration, Bounce Rate, Pages / Session, Sessions, Users from Google Analytics, Amount Spent, Impressions from Facebook Ads, and Avg. CPC, Cost from Google Ads

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Avg. Session Duration

The Avg. Session Duration metric represents the average length of time users spend on a website, from the moment they arrive until they leave.

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Pageviews is a metric that measures the total number of times a page has been viewed on a website, including multiple views by the same user. It helps track website traffic and user engagement.

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Sessions is a metric in Google Analytics that represents a group of interactions made by a single user during a specified time period on a website or app.

Gain a competitive edge with our data-driven benchmarks and best practices, designed for mid-sized companies with expanding resources and capabilities.

Large SaaS type Companies under 250 Employees

Benchmarks for Clicks, Impressions, Cost from Google Ads, and New Users, Avg. Session Duration, Bounce Rate, Users, Pageviews, Sessions, Pages / Session from Google Analytics

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Discover how your small SaaS business stacks up against industry benchmarks with our comprehensive analysis and insights, tailored specifically for small companies.

Small SaaS type Companies under 10 Employees

Benchmarks for Cost / Conversion, Impressions, Cost, CTR, Avg. CPC, Clicks from Google Ads, and Pageviews, Bounce Rate, Sessions, Users from Google Analytics

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Frequently Asked Questions

What metrics matter in SaaS?

There are various metrics that are important, however here are top SaaS metrics that that you should be tracking

1) MRR
2) Churn Rate
3) CAC

What are the top 3 KEY SaaS marketing metrics to track?

There are various metrics that one should track for tracking SaaS growth, however here are 3 key metrics that are crucial for any SaaS company.

1) LTV:CAC ratio
2) Activation Rate
3) Signup to paid conversion

What’s a good SaaS growth rate?

Good growth rate for SaaS is around 7-8%. A good SaaS growth rate depends on various factors such as industry, company size, investment, market size, etc.

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