Maximize Your Facebook Performance with Data-Driven Insights

Wondering how do your Facebook pages stack up against the competition? Our data-driven benchmarks can help you assess your performance and identify areas for improvement.

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Facebook Page Benchmarks for SMBs (1-250 employees)

Facebook Page Benchmarks for Small to Medium Size Businesses on Page Reach, Page Views, Page Engagements, Page Reactions, Posts Published, Post Impressions, Post Reach and Post Engagement metrics.

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Page Views

Number of times a Page’s Profile has been Viewed by logged in and logged out People during the specified Date Range.

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Page Reach

Number of People who Saw any Posts by your Page during the specified Date Range.

Is your mid-sized PR firm struggling to measure the success of your Facebook page? Track key metrics to ensure that your Facebook page is driving real business results.

Mid-sized Public Relations Firms under 50 Employees

Benchmarks for Page Likes, Posts Published, Page Engagements, Page Comments, 3-Second Video Views, Page Clicks, Page Reactions, Page Shares from Facebook Pages

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Are you a small B2B business struggling to make an impact on social media? Join this group to get social media benchmarks that can help you measure the success of your efforts

Social media benchmarks for small B2B business with up to 10 employees

Benchmarks for Post Reach – Organic, Page Impressions – Paid, Page Impressions, Post Reach – Viral, Page Unlikes, Posts Published, Page Likes from Facebook Pages, and New Posts, New Followers from Instagram Business

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Facebook performance measured?

Facebook performance can be measured through various metrics that track the effectiveness of your Facebook page and its content.

Some of the most important metrics include reach, engagement, click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, page views and followers.

How can I get Facebook benchmarks?

You can find some of the most important benchmarks for Facebook Pages by visiting Benchmark Groups and searching for Facebook related groups. You can usually narrow them down by business type or company size.

What is benchmarking in Facebook?

Benchmarking in general and for Facebook refers to the process of comparing your company, or in case of Facebook specifically Facebook page’s performance metrics against industry standards or against the performance of other businesses in your industry.

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Get immediate insights on how your company compares to similar companies based on what matters to you. Filter by industry, company size, or revenue. As long as it’s a match, you can join as many Benchmark Groups as you’d like.

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