Agency Onboarding

Learn how to leverage data to improve performance through personalized training.

Agency Onboarding will help you become a data-driven agency that uses goal setting and planning to increase revenue for you and your clients.


We’ll start by getting to know your Agency including:

  • Clients you service

  • Services you offer

  • Software you’re using


From there we’ll guide you through how to:

  • Set up and manage your Client Accounts

  • Connect your Data Sources

  • Set and track Goals

  • Build and share Databoards

  • Monitor Client Performance


Throughout we’ll share best practices and tips on:

  • How other Agencies have seen success with Databox

  • How to use Query Builder and other advanced features

  • How to generate more business through the Partner Directory


At the end of Agency Onboarding you’ll be a Certified Databox Partner and actively managing your Client reporting on Databox. Our goal is to help you get set up as quickly as possible. Agency Onboarding starts immediately upon purchase and last 60 days.


You also have access to our Support team and Knowledge Base.