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The data you need, when you need it.

Databox for iOS and Android

and apps available

Daily Scorecards. You tell us which metrics are important and when you want to see them - we’ll deliver a snapshot directly to your phone.

Smart Alerts. Get a heads up when something important changes suddenly or when trends are emerging.

Mark Up & Share. Need to share a stat? You can mark-up any chart and send it to your team, right from the app.

Your metrics. Your Way. Forget canned reports. Databox lets you customize your metrics, views, notifications - you name it.

Databox Connectors

Connect your data instantly.

We make it dead easy for you to pull KPIs from marketing automation tools, CRM systems, web analytics tools and more - without asking your dev or BI teams for help. That’s right: without development.

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Select your data source Pick the metrics that matter Connect your data Set up your alerts

Set up in minutes.

Get started with Databox in four easy steps.
Piece of cake (really).

1 Select your data source

2 Pick the metrics that matter

3 Connect your data

4 Set up your alerts

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Databox Designer

Our drag-and-drop designer makes editing reports a breeze.

Make it your own.
Add metrics, change visualizations, and customize your views - the sky’s the limit.

Tailor alerts & notifications.
It’s all in your hands: you control what triggers an alert and when you get notified.

Manage users & permissions.
Invite people to join your account, adjust access permissions, and decide who sees which reports.

Good things come to those who wait are first.
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