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Appfigures is an insights and analytics platform for mobile apps.

By connecting this integration to your Databox account, you will be able to access new and insightful integrations, get more valuable data from your apps. Besides expanding the list of available app stores and metrics you can report on, the Appfigures integration will make it possible to once again visualize data from App Store Connect in Databox.

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Recommended Appfigures KPIs

Net Downloads
Promo Codes Used
Net Standard Revenue
Gross Revenue
Educational Downloads
Gift Redeemed
Net Educational Revenue
Gross Educational Revenue
Gross Refunds
App Sales
In-App Purchases Revenue
Gross Revenue Refunds
Educational Program Revenue
Ad Units Revenue
Total Net Revenue
Gross App Sales
Gross In-App Purchases Revenue
Gross Educational Program Revenue
Revenue Refunds
Total Gross Revenue
Business Program Revenue
Gross Business Program Revenue
All Active Subscriptions
Active Subscriptions
Paying Subscriptions
Net Revenue
Gross MRR
Gross Revenue Subscriptions
First Year Subscribers
Non First Year Subscribers
Active Discounted Subscriptions
Active Trials
New Trials
Cancelled Trials
Transitions in
Transitions out
Cancelled Subscriptions
New Subscriptions
Trial Conversions
Active Grace
New Grace
Grace Expired
Grace Recovery
New Trial Grace
Trial Grace Expired
Trial Grace Recovery
Ads Revenue
Ads Requests
Ads Impressions
Ads Fillrate
Ads Clicks
Ads Requests Filled
Ad Campaign Installs
Ad Campaign Clicks
Ad Campaign Impressions
Ad Campaign Cost
Ad Campaign CPC
Ad Campaign CPA
Ad Campaign CTR
Payment Revenue
Converted Payment Revenue
Financial Payment Revenue
Estimated Payment Revenue
Estimated Downloads
Estimated Revenue
Sales Overview
Sales Overview by Country
Revenue Overview
Revenue Overview by Country
Subscriptions Overview
Subscriptions Overview by Country
Ads Overview
Ads Overview by Country
Ads Spend Overview
Ads Spend Overview by Country
Payments Overview
Avg. MRR per Subscription
Gross Revenue per Download
Uninstall to Return Ratio
Ads Revenue per Impression
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