Databox 201: Creating Custom and Calculated Metrics

Step-by-step instructions to level up your performance tracking

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“Databox 201: Creating Custom and Calculated Metrics”
Tuesday, May 30th at 10:00 AM (CST)
About 45 minutes
Hosted by
Jenna Snavely Jenna Snavely Product Content Marketing Manager

In this live webinar you’ll learn how to…

Get super-granular with your data in Databox for more meaningful insights

Popular, out-of-the-box metrics are a great starting point, but they fall short when it comes to capturing the nuances of your business. By creating metrics tailored to your needs, you’ll be able to get a deep understanding of how your business is performing, identify trends and patterns that go beyond the surface, and make faster, more informed decisions.

Add filters, dimensions, and build totally Custom metrics (no coding necessary)

With the Metric Builder, anyone on your team can build the specific metrics they need without any engineering work. We’ll teach out how to use it so that you can slice and dice your data into audience segments, campaign and ad-level metrics, and even filter out specific site pages or deal types. This education will be a game-changer for every member of your team.

Turn formulas into brand new, Calculated metrics (without complicated spreadsheets)

Do you use multiple payment providers? Different systems for tracking website engagement and actual leads and signups? We’ll show you how to use Databox to add, subtract, divide and multiply data from any source to calculate conversion rates, ROI or any other metric — to get a complete picture of your sales, marketing, and overall business performance.

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