Become A Databox Affiliate

The Databox Affiliate Program allows you to market the free-forever version of our software and any of our report templates that have been collectively used 27,000+ times.

Transform the way your audience tracks and improves performance and receive a 20% recurring commission for the first 12 months of the subscription, whenever any of your referrals upgrade to a paid plan.

Get Started as an Affiliate

Earn monthly income from your existing content

Identify Relevant Content

Identify an existing, high-performing blog post or nurturing campaign where a dashboard might allow your audience to gather instant insights relevant to the content.

Select A Databoard

Select or create a Databoard -- that’s related to your content -- to embed in your post or email.

You Make Money

By connecting a Data Source like Google Analytics, YouTube, Facebook or any of our other 60+ connectors, your site visitors will be able to instantly view their data inside the Databoard using a free Databox account. When they upgrade to a paid plan, you get paid 20% recurring commissions.

Databox on Desktop, Mobile, Apple Watch and Slack

Why Databox?

We help companies escape the endless cycle of spreadsheets, Powerpoints and screenshots for tracking performance data.

Marketers use our automated dashboards to hit their monthly goals without logging into every tool and manually extracting data.

Works on web, TV, mobile and Slack
Integrations with 60+ popular sales and marketing services
SMART goals tool
Automated alerts when something goes wrong
Generous free version to ensure high signup rate
Special support and programs for marketing agencies
Reporting with Databox is easy

How Databox Works

Databox is a "freemium" SaaS product. That means that new users sign up for our free tier, and some percentage will eventually convert to paying users.

45% of the people who view a free report template create an account. 4% of new signups become a paying customer within 90 days.

You start getting paid when these free users become paying users, and continue to get paid every month as long as they stay.

Affiliate program is profitable

Affiliate Program Details

We give each affiliate a unique link to include in a new or existing post. When a visitor clicks that link and signs up for our product, you get credit.

  • 20% recurring commission for the first 12 months of the subscription
  • Cookie lasts 60 days - if visitors sign up within 60 days of clicking link, you get credit
  • Our average subscription is $140 per month. Larger agencies and enterprises pay us significantly more than that.
  • You are paid at the beginning of each month
  • You get a dashboard to see all your stats and payments via proven affiliate software, FirstPromoter

For Top Affiliates, We'll Do All the Work

Dashboard Creation

We will create dashboards - with your brand included - that you can include in your existing content so you can quickly see results from your existing successful content.

Personal Suggestions

We’ll use tools like SEMrush to look at your existing popular content, and suggest content ideas that will help you earn more money.

We'll Share Your Story

Want to share data-driven tactics you’ve used to grow your business? With a fast-growing audience and marketing team, we can help you produce and promote original content that features your story and your advice.

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