Marketing stats that matterTips for boosting performance

The Spotlight: Every marketing campaign is different - that’s why testing is critical. But you can still learn from what others have done, so we’ve highlighted a couple things to help make your marketing more effective. The bottom line? Don’t skimp on visuals; keep your copy concise; and never forget about mobile!

Keep it short and sweet: Subject lines with fewer than 10 characters averaged a 49.7% open rate - compared to a typical average of 23.4%.

Source: Informz, 2014 via and MailChimp

Don’t forget the pictures: Articles with images get 94% more views.

Source: NewsCred, 2014 via

Tweet with smartphones and tablets in mind, because most active Twitter users are on mobile.

Source: Adweek, 2014 via

Collecting a little personal information on your subscribers can pay off big: birthday emails perform much better than regular promotions.

Transaction rate 481% higher
Average revenue per email 342% higher
Unique click rate 179% higher

Source: dotmailer, 2015 via

Show, don’t tell: Videos on landing pages increase conversions by 86%.

Source: Social Fresh, 2014 via

Not all social media networks skew towards mobile:
LinkedIn users prefer the desktop.

Source: Adweek, 2014 via

A picture is worth a thousand “likes.” 87% of a Facebook page’s interactions happen on photo posts.

Source: Bufferapp, 2014 via

Words matter. Specifically, the first word you use in your subject line can boost overall open rates significantly.

Word % open rate lift when used as first word
First name personalization 14.7%
Invitation 9.5%
Introducing 7.4%