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Track engagement from your customer communications.

Twilio is a cloud communications platform that enables businesses to provide the right communications channels for their customers. With Twilio’s’ API software, teams can make and receive phone calls and add other capabilities like text messaging or video calls to their applications. With Twilio, you can reach your customers in the way they prefer, providing a great customer experience along the way.

Connecting Twilio to Databox allows you to easily visualize the volume of your different communication channels, providing more insight into your productivity as you’re able to track the number of new messages, recordings, transcriptions, and more on any visualization you choose. Draw a correlation between initiatives across your company by combining your Twilio data with other data sources and track all the metrics important for your business in one place.

Get started tracking your Twilio data in Databox in minutes. You can connect Twilio with Databox by using one of our third-party integrations to sync your data with Databox using Zapier, Integromat, or the Databox API.

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Start visualizing your performance in minutes

Connect your data and start visualizing your performance in minutes
Twilio metrics and KPI visualization in Databox native mobile app

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  • Start your day with a Scorecard. Delivered right to your phone, your daily scorecard ensures you start the day in the know.
  • Be the first to know. Get a heads up when something important changes suddenly or when trends are emerging.

Focus on metrics that matter

  • In sight. Display your key data in your office, on a wall, or in a meeting room.
  • Rally your team. Get everyone focused on the metrics that matter.
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