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Use smart automation to streamline your customer service processes

Freshdesk allows you to effectively manage your customer care and support processes by encouraging collaboration across teams and channels. Resolve customer inquiries, manage incoming tickets, and improve your self-service functions to deliver the best customer experience possible. 

With Databox, you can track your most important customer success metrics alongside performance data from your other important marketing and sales tools. Connect your Freshdesk account to build custom reporting dashboards and instantly monitor it all on any device: computer, mobile, Apple Watch, TV display, and Slack.

While a direct Databox + Freshdesk integration is not yet available, you can get started syncing your Freshdesk data using one of our alternative connection options, including Zapier, Integromat, and the Databox API.

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Recommended Freshdesk KPIs

Created Tickets
Created Tickets by Company
Created Tickets by Tag
Created Tickets by Source
Created Tickets by Priority
Created Tickets by Type
Created Tickets by Association Type
Created Tickets by Status
Open Tickets
Open Tickets by Company
Open Tickets by Tag
Open Tickets by Source
Open Tickets by Priority
Open Tickets by Type
Open Tickets by Association Type
Pending Tickets
Pending Tickets by Company
Pending Tickets by Tag
Pending Tickets by Source
Pending Tickets by Priority
Pending Tickets by Type
Pending Tickets by Association Type
Resolved Tickets
Resolved Tickets by Company
Resolved Tickets by Tag
Resolved Tickets by Source
Resolved Tickets by Priority
Resolved Tickets by Type
Resolved Tickets by Association Type
Unresolved Tickets
Unesolved Tickets by Company
Unresolved Tickets by Tag
Unresolved Tickets by Source
Unresolved Tickets by Priority
Unresolved Tickets by Association Type
Closed Tickets
Closed Tickets by Company
Closed Tickets by Tag
Closed Tickets by Source
Closed Tickets by Priority
Closed Tickets by Type
Closed Tickets by Association Type
On Hold Tickets
On Hold Tickets by Company
On Hold Tickets by Tag
On Hold Tickets by Source
On Hold Tickets by Priority
On Hold Tickets by Type
On Hold Tickets by Association Type
Overdue Tickets
Overdue Tickets by Company
Overdue Tickets by Tag
Overdue Tickets by Source
Overdue Tickets by Priority
Overdue Tickets by Type
Overdue Tickets by Association Type
Unassigned Tickets
Unassigned Tickets by Company
Unassigned Tickets by Tag
Unassigned Tickets by Source
Unassigned Tickets by Priority
Unassigned Tickets by Type
Unassigned Tickets by Association Type
Contacts by State
Contacts by Company
Companies by Health Score
Companies by Account Tier
Companies by Industry
Hours Tracked
Hours Tracked by Company
Hours Tracked by Ticket
Billable Hours
Billable Hours by Company
Billable Hours by Ticket
Non-Billable Hours
Non-Billable Hours by Company
Non-Billable Hours by Ticket
Ticket Stats
Tickets by Tag
Tickets by Company
Tickets by Source
Tickets by Priority
Tickets by Type
Tickets by Association Type
Billable Hours %
Non-Billable Hours %
Active Contacts by Company
Non-Active Contacts by Company
Active Contacts by State
Non-Active Contacts by State
Additional Custom metrics are available with the use of Databox Metric Builder.

Recommended Freshdesk Templates

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