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Google Analytics 4 is focused on showing businesses the entire user journey from the first visit to final conversion. It’s event-driven rather than pageview-driven and is designed to work in a world where third-party cookie-tracking is slowly being phased out and privacy concerns are growing.

With Databox, your most important Google Analytics 4 KPIs will be transformed into meaningful insights and delivered to your dashboards, mobile device, Apple Watch, TV display, or Slack channels. Create an entire lifecycle report in Databox by combining your Google Analytics 4 data with data from other data sources you’re using in one place. This will help you and your team stay on top of your most important metrics that drive your business.

Custom metrics and events are available with the use of Databox Metric Builder.

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Recommended Google Analytics 4 KPIs

Active Users
Active Users by Page Path
Active Users by Page Title
Active Users by Device Platform
Active Users by Source
Active Users by Medium
Active Users by Device Category
Active Users by Country
Active Users by Event
Average Purchase Revenue
Average Purchase Revenue by Page Title
Average Purchase Revenue by Platform
Average Purchase Revenue by Source
Average Purchase Revenue by Medium
Average Purchase Revenue by Device Category
Average Purchase Revenue by Country
Average Purchase Revenue by Event
ARPPU by Page Title
ARPPU by Platform
ARPPU by Source
ARPPU by Medium
ARPPU by Device Category
ARPPU by Country
ARPPU by Event
Conversions by Page Title
Conversions by Platform
Conversions by Source
Conversions by Medium
Conversions by Device Category
Conversions by Country
Conversions by Event
Engaged Sessions
Engaged Sessions by Page Title
Engaged Sessions by Platform
Engaged Sessions by Source
Engaged Sessions by Medium
Engaged Sessions by Device Category
Engaged Sessions by Country
Engaged Sessions by Event
Engagement Rate
Engagement Rate by Page Title
Engagement Rate by Platform
Engagement Rate by Source
Engagement Rate by Medium
Engagement Rate by Device Category
Engagement Rate by Country
Engagement Rate by Event
Event Count
Event Count by Page Title
Event Count by Platform
Event Count by Source
Event Count by Medium
Event Count by Device Category
Event Count by Country
Event Count by Event
Event Count per User
Event Count per User by Page Title
Event Count per User by Platform
Event Count per User by Source
Event Count per User by Medium
Event Count per User by Device Category
Event Count per User by Country
Event Count per User by Event
Event Value
Event Value by Page Title
Event Value by Platform
Event Value by Source
Event Value by Medium
Event Value by Device Category
Event Value by Country
Event Value by Event
Events per Session
Events per Session by Page Title
Events per Session by Platform
Events per Session by Source
Events per Session by Medium
Events per Session by Device Category
Events per Session by Country
Events per Session by Event
New Users
New Users by Page Title
New Users by Platform
New Users by Source
New Users by Medium
New Users by Device Category
New Users by Country
New Users by Event
Purchase Revenue
Purchase Revenue by Page Title
Purchase Revenue by Platform
Purchase Revenue by Source
Purchase Revenue by Medium
Purchase Revenue by Device Category
Purchase Revenue by Country
Purchase Revenue by Event
Views by Page Title
Views by Platform
Views by Source
Views by Medium
Views by Device Category
Views by Country
Views by Event
Sessions by Page Title
Sessions by Platform
Sessions by Source
Sessions by Medium
Sessions by Device Category
Sessions by Country
Sessions by Event
Sessions per User
Sessions per User by Page Title
Sessions per User by Platform
Sessions per User by Source
Sessions per User by Medium
Sessions per User by Device Category
Sessions per User by Country
Sessions per User by Event
Total Ad Revenue
Total Ad Revenue by Page Title
Total Ad Revenue by Platform
Total Ad Revenue by Source
Total Ad Revenue by Medium
Total Ad Revenue by Device Category
Total Ad Revenue by Country
Total Ad Revenue by Event
Total Revenue
Total Revenue by Page Title
Total Revenue by Platform
Total Revenue by Source
Total Revenue by Medium
Total Revenue by Device Category
Total Revenue by Country
Total Revenue by Event
Total Users
Total Users by Page Title
Total Users by Platform
Total Users by Source
Total Users by Medium
Total Users by Device Category
Total Users by Country
Total Users by Event
User Engagement
User Engagement by Page Title
User Engagement by Platform
User Engagement by Source
User Engagement by Medium
User Engagement by Device Category
User Engagement by Country
User Engagement by Event
Property Overview
Event Overview
Purchase Overview
Country Overview
Ecommerce Overview
Purchase Path
Average Engagement Time
Engaged Sessions per User
Event Count per User
Event Revenue per User
Views per User
Total Revenue per User
Purchase Revenue per Session
Purchase Revenue per Views
Average Engagement Time per Session
1-day Active Users
28-day Active Users
7-day Active Users
Ad Unit Exposure
Cart to View Rate
Ecommerce Purchases
Add to Carts
First Time Purchases
Item List Clicks
Item List Click through Rate
Item List Views
Item Promotion Clicks
Item Promotion Click through Rate
Item Promotion Views
Item Purchase Quantity
Item Revenue
Item Views
Publisher Ad Impressions
Publisher Ad Clicks
Purchase to View Rate
Total Purchasers
Additional Custom metrics are available with the use of Databox Metric Builder.
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