Skip the setup. We’ll build your first dashboard.

Skip the setup. We’ll build your first dashboards.

Not sure which metrics to track or dashboards to build? Have old reports you want to recreate in Databox? Share your dashboard needs with one of Databox’s product experts and we'll build you customized dashboards for free.

No time to create a dashboard? Let us know—we’ll build it for you.

We get it. You may not have the time to build out the perfect dashboard before your next meeting. Luckily, we do. Connect with someone on our team, share the metrics or area that you need to track, and we’ll build your dashboards for you in 24 hours.

Help in getting your dashboards built

We’ll set up your first dashboard for you in 24 hours and highlight the key functionality Databox customers use to analyze performance and discover actionable insights.

Guidance on the right metrics to track

Not sure which metrics matter most to your business? We’ve helped thousands of businesses build a better reporting process. We’ll help you determine the right KPIs based on your goals and build a dashboard that visualizes these metrics in a way that’s accessible and actionable.

Advice on how to structure your reporting processes

Our team has thousands of hours of experience in advising businesses across various industries on how to structure their dashboards and transition their reporting efforts to be more proactive so that they can make adjustments when they matter most.

Laura Giacomuzzi

“Working with Diana and the Success team at Databox was a game-changer. Not only were we able to get set up quickly, but we were able to move forward with confidence that we were tracking the right metrics, visualizing them in the most insightful ways, and setting ourselves up to make the right adjustments at the right time.”

Laura Giacomuzzi, Manager at edflex

How Databox’s dashboard service works

Getting started can be as simple as sending an email or chat message.

Create your free account and connect your data

Getting started is easy. Just create your free Databox account and connect a data source. This way, we’ll be able to build your dashboard directly in your account.

Share your dashboards wishlist

You might have an existing report, a list of metrics you need to track, or even just a general idea on the area of your business you need to track with this dashboard. Share whatever information you have with our Support team via chat or email—that’s all you need to do to get started.

Receive your dashboards in 24 hours

Right after you share your dashboard wishlist, our team will get started in building your dashboard inside your existing Databox account. We’ll include the most effective visualizations for tracking your specific performance data, organize your dashboard in the cleanest way possible so that you can easily uncover insights, and provide personalized recommendations on how you can continue to expand your data analysis so you can discover insights across your area of focus.

Schedule time with a product expert

From here, we’ll help you uncover your greater reporting needs and how Databox can help. See how to tie multiple reports together to paint a full picture, set goals you can visualize across your dashboards, and automate important performance trends with notifications. Once you receive your dashboard, schedule a call with one of our experts to learn what went into creating your dashboard and how to use it most efficiently moving forward.

Edwin Mbugua

“We needed a quick and easy way to track our paid advertising—both at a high-level and at the campaign level. Databox's support team quickly built the dashboards we needed and even recorded a video explaining what they did and how. So, not only did they save us time, but they helped us learn the tool, too. It was a great experience.”

Edwin Mbugua, E&A Digital Republic

Here are some common dashboards we have built

We can help build dashboards for any use case, but these are some of the most common ones we get asked about.

Tracking performance from multiple tools

Tracking performance from multiple tools

Most companies are tracking data from more than a dozen different tools. Having a clear view of performance when managing all of those systems is a challenge. Our team will help to improve your visibility into performance by pulling the most common and relevant-to-you metrics from your most important tools into one dashboard.

Website performance from Google Analytics

Website performance from Google Analytics

Usually, when someone connects Google Analytics with HubSpot, they’re looking to learn several things; overall website performance, performance segmented by page, section, etc., audience behavior, and conversion performance. Our team has helped set up hundreds of Google Analytics dashboards that can help you improve your website's performance.

Account and campaign performance from paid advertising

Account and campaign performance from paid advertising

Looking to track and visualize overall account performance? Performance by campaign, ad group, and ad? Most users who connect tools like Facebook Ads and Google Ads are simply looking for an easy way to track all of their advertising metrics in one place. This way, they don’t have to dig around the UI of these native tools to find the insights they need.

Traffic, leads, and lifecycle stages from HubSpot

Traffic, leads, and lifecycle stages from HubSpot

HubSpot users come to Databox for a variety of reasons. Some of the more common ones we see are around tracking conversions, lifecycle stages, and email performance. Our robust HubSpot integration features hundreds of pre-built metrics and our team is ready to help you get set up by tracking and visualizing the ones that are right for your specific use case.

Real-time marketing and sales for ecommerce

Real-time marketing and sales for ecommerce

Ecommerce companies are typically using Databox to try and get a better real-time view of their marketing and sales performance so they can adjust strategies and marketing activities in real-time. Our team of dashboard experts will help visualize your online store’s performance in a way that’s actionable.

Data from your spreadsheet or database

Data from your spreadsheet or database

Whether you’ve exported data into a spreadsheet, entered data manually into one or have a more complex database setup, Databox can be used to create an easy-to-read and easy-to-share visualization of your unique data. Just connect your spreadsheet or database and tell our team what values you’re trying to visualize.

How does Databox offer this for free? That’s easy…

Databox is the easiest to use dashboard visualization tool out there. And while it’s easy for you to get set up yourself, if you don’t have the time, it’s also easy for us. Here’s why.

Comprehensive integrations
Comprehensive integrations

Unlike other dashboard and business intelligence software, we build comprehensive integrations. Across our 100+ integrations, we've pre-built thousands of metrics, meaning all you need to do is drag-and-drop them into a dashboard and the visualizations update automatically.

Drag-and Drop-Dashboard Designer
Drag-and Drop-Dashboard Designer

With Databox, there's no need to dig into the data and figure out what to plot. You just search or browse metrics and drag them onto a dashboard.

Team of Experts
Team of Experts

We have 20+ team members who are not only experts at our product but also have in-depth knowledge of our integrations. They know what's possible and what other companies like yours track and report.


How much time does it take to get my custom dashboard?

Anywhere from 10 minutes to 24 hours.

Is there a limit to how many dashboards you can build for me?

We’ll get you started by building your first dashboard. From there, if you’d like additional assistance, we suggest setting up a call with one of our product experts.

Is there any charge?

Nope. It’s free.

Can I have metrics from multiple tools on one dashboard?

Yes. Once you share the metrics and/or specific area of the business you need to track, we’ll pull all of the necessary metrics into one dashboard.

Can I drill-down into my performance?

Yes. Our team of dashboard experts can help you dig further into your performance data by leveraging dimensions to track things like clicks by ad campaign or calls by sales rep, etc.