Introducing the Beat Your Benchmark Tool: Compare Your Marketing To Similar Companies

Discover how your inbound marketing results compare to companies with a similar size, revenue or industry.

Avatar Kevin Kononenko on September 15, 2017 • 1 minute read

Do you know how your marketing results stack up against other similar companies?

We have heard the story from data-driven marketers over and over again: When they want to explain how well their campaigns are performing, they turn to benchmark data for a comparison.

Unfortunately, relevant benchmark data is difficult to find, so that is why I spent hours combing the web for reputable sources of benchmarks. I specifically avoided overall averages, like:

“On average, our users see a 19% open rate”

I originally packaged this up in a blog post about industry-specific benchmarks, which has become one of our most popular blogs over the last 6 months. Unfortunately, it still forces you to read multiple reports.

So, I created an interactive quiz that will deliver only the most relevant data. It focuses on inbound marketing and uses data from the HubSpot Demand Generation Report and Unbounce Landing Page Conversion Report. HubSpot sampled 900 marketers, and Unbounce sampled 64,000 landing pages.

Check it out to see how you compare to similar companies.


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Kevin Kononenko Growth Marketer @ Databox. Making it easy for marketers to tell the story of their success. Everton FC supporter. Startup guy.
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