We believe in helping people pay attention to what matters.

Our team values

We care about each other.

We don’t always agree, and we’ve been known to get into heated discussions about the best way to do something (or the merits of Slovenian beer vs. American beer). But we believe that we can only succeed as a team.

We care about the people using our product.

Of course, sometimes we lose focus because we’re wrapped up in some really cool technology we’re building, fancy design we’ve created, or poignant copy we’ve written. But whenever that happens, someone always - always - brings the focus back to the people we’re developing, writing, and designing for.

We all have sincere passion for our work,
but not at the expense of everything else in our lives.

We’ve got a champion kickboxer, a rock-star rock-climber, multiple former marathoners, a Zumba instructor, and more than a few die-hard wine enthusiasts as part of the team. None of us can tolerate being bored. Bad things happen when we’re bored.

We’re different - in a good way.

We’re from different backgrounds, different countries, and different generations — and we all love learning from one another. And, on occasion, teasing each other mercilessly too. All in good fun!

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Our story

Databox was founded by serial entrepreneurs Davorin Gabrovec and Vlada Petrovic during TechStars Boston in 2012. They knew firsthand that the faster a business grew, the more tools and cloud apps it would adopt in an effort to stay on top of things. And the more cloud apps it added, the more data points business users needed to look at — making it harder and harder to figure out what to pay attention to at any given time. So they set out to build something that would help people focus on what mattered, instead of adding more noise. And so Databox was born.

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