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Next webinar
“Improve Performance in Real Time with Databox”
Thursday, November 19 at 5:00 PM (CEST)
About 45 minutes
Hosted by
John Bonini John Bonini Director of Marketing

In this live webinar you'll learn how to

Spend less time figuring out your data On average, marketers are tracking data from at least 12 different sources. Here you’ll learn how to integrate all of your data in one place, create beautiful dashboards from scratch, and mix and match data from multiple sources in one dashboard for better insights–all without needing to code or needing engineers and analysts.

Set and visualize goals In the absence of goals, most teams are working toward general improvement. But incremental improvements won’t enable the company to hit its goals. We’ll show you how to set proper goals so you can visualize your current progress against them, set alerts when you hit them (or are trending to miss them), and keep your whole team focused on what matters.

Easily share results and recommendations with your team Waiting for weekly/monthly reporting meetings to track progress and make adjustments is the opposite of being “data-driven.” We’ll show you how to track progress in real time, include notes and annotations for specific metrics right in your dashboards, and automate daily or weekly scorecards to keep everyone moving in the right direction every day.

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