Wix Answers KPI Dashboard Software

Track and analyze all of your customer support engagements in one place.

Wix Answers is a cloud-based customer support solution software that you can use to build your help center, ticketing system, live chat, and more. It’s a great tool for helping your customers quickly by providing them with help articles, answers to feature requests, and known issues. It also enables you to manage, track, and prioritize support tickets from multiple channels.

Connect Wix Answers to Databox and gain valuable insights into your product and your team’s efficiency. Tracking tickets, replies, new articles created, and more helps you to identify areas of your product that might need improvement and provide you with more context when you’re creating schedules for your team. Combining Wix Answers metrics with metrics from other data sources all in one place helps you tell the whole story of your product’s success and team effort.

Get started tracking your Wix Answers data in Databox in minutes. You can use one of our third-party integrations to sync your Wix Answers data with Databox using Zapier, Integromat, or the Databox API.

Category: Help Desk Vendor URL: help.wixanswers.com

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