The eCommerce KPI Dashboard You Need

From CAC to AOV, don’t get blindsided by data you haven’t seen.

E-commerce companies live and breathe by their numbers.

Data-driven decision making isn’t a nice to have at an eCommerce business - it’s a fundamental way of life. No wonder eCommerce managers are swimming in data. With so many metrics coming at you, it’s easy to miss emerging trends or sudden changes. And missing those things means losing out on revenue.

That’s where Databox comes in: it helps eCommerce managers figure out what they need to focus on, right when it matters most.

Here are a couple things eCommerce managers can use Databox for:

Getting an immediate heads up on results.Just launched a new marketing campaign? Testing out variations of your web pages? Databox can proactively notify you of your results by letting you set up custom alerts.

Monitoring trends across multiple metrics.Forget having to navigate emails, spreadsheets and web apps - Databox will pull information from multiple data sources and make them available to you in one place.

Staying on top of important KPIs.Stay in the know on things like shopping cart abandonment rate, average daily transactions, and average revenue per user with Databox scorecards: a daily snapshot of the metrics that matter most to you.

Get started in minutes.

Adobe Analytics connector Google Analytics connector Optimizely connector

Databox makes it easy for you to grab data from tools like Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Optimizely and more - without development work or implementation overhead. To get started, simply create an account, hook up your data sources with a couple clicks, and configure your alerts.

Find out how Databox can help you stay on top of important KPIs.

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