Google Analytics Traffic Growth Dashboard Template

Template created by Cemal Buyukgokcesu Cemal Buyukgokcesu
Use this free dashboard template to gain deeper insights into your website traffic. See which sources, referrers, and social media websites drive the most traffic to your website. Monitor bounce rate, the quality of your mobile traffic, and more.

Uses one-click integrations:

  • Google Analytics Google Analytics

If you don’t use Google Analytics, you can pull data from any of our 70+ one-click, native integrations or from spreadsheets, databases and other APIs.

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What you’ll learn from this Google Analytics Traffic Growth Dashboard template:

By connecting your Google Analytics account, you’ll learn:

  • How many people are visiting my website? Track the overall number of sessions your website generates in any given time period. Compare performance to previous months in order to track growth and set goals to measure your progress against.
  • Which sources drive the most website traffic to my website? Identify which traffic sources generate the most traffic to your website. Use this information to better leverage your high-performing channels while making adjustments in your strategy for the sources that are underperforming.
  • Which websites refer the most traffic to my website? See which websites are referring traffic to your website. Use this information to establish co-marketing relationships with domains sending quality traffic to your website. Track the efforts of any link-building campaigns by how much referral traffic you receive in return.
  • Which social networks drive quality traffic to my website? Identify which social media websites drive traffic to your website and the relative bounce rate of each one. Use this information to double-down on social networks that have proven to drive high-quality traffic to your website and make adjustments in your strategy for the networks that underperform.
  • Where are my website visitors located? View the geographic location of your website visitors in any given time period. Use this information to better understand your audience and tailor your distribution strategy based on the insights you learn.
  • Which devices do my website visitors use most? Identify the specific devices your website visitors use most to view your content. Use this information to identify optimization opportunities and avoid mobile rendering issues.
  • What’s the overall quality of traffic coming from mobile? Are your mobile visitors dropping off at an unusually high rate? Does a high percentage of your website traffic come from mobile devices? Understanding the answers to these questions will help you improve your overall strategy and identify areas for improvement.

Pull additional data using our deep integration with Google Analytics.

What else can you track and visualize with our deep integration with Google Analytics? When it comes to attributing your to traffic and conversions, almost anything:

  • Website traffic and conversions
  • Traffic and lead demographics
  • SEO results
  • Social media engagement
  • Paid advertising
  • Landing page performance
  • Campaign performance using custom events

There are many, many different metrics and metric combinations you can track using Google Analytics. And in Databox, you can quickly visualize 100s of Google Analytics metrics in a variety of different ways.

Read more about Databox’s Google Analytics integration.

Google Analytics Google Analytics metrics included in this template
  • Sessions by Device Branding

  • Sessions by Referring Domain

  • Sessions by Geo Location

    Number of Sessions during the specified date range split up by Geo Location.

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