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New Integration: Track Your Streaming Video Performance with Vimeo OTT + Databox

With Databox’s integration with Vimeo OTT, you can identify your most popular videos and traffic channels, track completion and conversion rates, and more.

Monja Dobnik Integrations Monja DobnikMonja Dobnik   |  Jun 26

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Using Databox

New: Create Reusable Templates in Databox & Save Hours on Client Reports

Design templates in Databox, complete with the data sources, metrics, and visualizations that you need, and save them to your account so that they can be used for any client in just one click.

Monja Dobnik Using Databox   |  Mar 30

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Product and Design

How to Use Google Sheets + Databox to Track & Visualize Performance

Many companies still use spreadsheets to track performance data. Here’s everything you need for using Google Sheets with Databox to visualize performance.

Monja Dobnik Product and Design   |  Feb 11

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How to Track & Visualize Your HubSpot Lifecycle Stages in Databox

Here’s everything you need to know about HubSpot Lifecycle stages, including how to set them up and visualize their performance in HubSpot and Databox.

Monja Dobnik Marketing   |  Jan 29